Stump Grinding – How to Do It

Stump grinding is commonly done to restore the original shape of your wood as well as shape it into a desired shape. The term ‘stump grinding’ has been around since the late 1500s and has now become a well known term. If you are not familiar with the term, then you can refer to the following diagram to understand the process. First the stump is hand pushed down with the right hand, with the left hand it is then knocked forward by the spade.

stump grinding

Once the spade has found a place to push the stump down with the spade, it immediately starts the working by breaking up the soil atmosphere. A spade made from iron is used to break up the soil atmosphere of the soil. The stump is then made more firm by making the soil atmosphere more compacted with a level. If the stump is fixed with mastic of glue or of cement, then it becomes more solid and then it gets further worked.

The next thing to be done after the spade has started to loosen the soil atmosphere is the hammering on the stump with the iron spade. When this has taken place, it breaks up the stump, which means it breaks down the overgrowing material. It then becomes a bit rigid after this has taken place.

The next thing to be done is to see the stump with the axe. It is better to have it cleared first, because this will make it easier for the axe to cut the stump firmly, as the cut is made towards the center of the stump. Then the stump is worked with the pick and the nails on the iron spade. The flat side of the pick is then used to make the cut, and the nail is first placed on the iron spade so that it will get sharp at the same time.

The process is now carried out by putting the nail on the spade while it is going slowly back and forth. It is better to place it at the center of the stump as this will make the process of cutting easy. The nails are not placed on the iron spade; instead they are put on the chisel which is simply placed between the hands.

The chisel can then be pushed down with the left hand, so that the nails will be applied evenly at the center of the stump. Then the next step is to bore the nail, and then the iron chisel can be used to handle the nail, by depressing it against the iron chisel.

The chisel is then moved back and forth while applying pressure to the nail. Once the hammer has worked well, then the spade is used to continue working the stump.