Benefits of Having Trees on your Property

Trees in a landscapeThe last thing that you want to happen in your yard is to lose that beautiful tree you’ve been keeping for years. The good news is that you can prevent that from happening with proper tree care. We always talk about how deforestation destroys our environment, but we seldom talk about the advantages of tree planting. You don’t need many hectares of land to start planting trees because you can begin with your yard.

A day will not be enough to talk about the benefits of having trees in your yard, but we will try to talk about the most important ones. Trees are essential to all living creatures, and it is impossible to survive without them. They prevent erosion by keeping the soil intact with the help of their roots.

Trees are also excellent windbreaks. In 1930s Hugh Hammond Bennett successfully used trees to restore the soil to a healthy state after an intense drought. He planted rows of trees that acted as windbreaks and let the water go through them. It was a case of desertification where a once healthy and fertile land becomes sandy and dry. The Sahara Desert is the most popular example this geologically active places. It was once a forested zone and well-watered. With the help of monsoon rains, it supplies water to central Africa.

Many scientists planned to plant trees that can tolerate drought to battle the invasion of the Sahara Desert as it continues to grow southward. These trees should keep the soil intact and help retain water. Ideally, these trees will help bring back rainstorms by evaporation.

We don’t only benefit from trees by protecting the soil, but they also store carbon. The Earth is rich with carbon, but it’s not entirely good news. When there is excessive carbon in the atmosphere, the heat from the sun is trapped in the environment, and our planet becomes warmer. This is the beginning of global warming. Massive glaciers and ice caps in Asia, Europe, and North America now begin to melt.

One of the reasons for the fast increase in carbon in the atmosphere is deforestation. Taking down trees and burning them to make development sites are one of the main culprits for the increased amount of carbon in the atmosphere. The carbon reserve adds to the warming of the environment and accelerates global warming. We can help halt and minimize the effects of global warming by stopping deforestation. We should plant more trees than we cut away. When we plant more trees, we significantly reduce the amount of carbon in the atmosphere.

Deforestation is not the only source of carbon emission. Burning of fossil fuels such as oil and coal also contribute to the increasing levels of carbon in the air. Planting trees is a simple yet effective way to fight the effects of increased levels of carbon on our planet. We should make an extra effort in planting more trees as ever before. It will help a lot if we combine distillation projects with forestation efforts. By doing this, we could bring back lush and life in many desert areas. The process of water purification is costly because this process is mainly to get water from seawater. However, if we will only use the water for irrigation, it will be less expensive and will take much effort.

Trees are an essential source of food for humankind and wildlife. We get fruits from trees which are crucial for a healthy body and long life. We use trees to make houses, buildings, and other furniture. It’s been a trend with many timber companies to maintain trees in their tree farms to ensure that they replace each tree they remove. This is an excellent way to limit deforestation in small areas, and because of this, forests will continue to flourish. We have to keep in mind that as our population grows, the demand for wood will also increase, which is why we have to make a conscious effort in replacing the trees we cut down for the future generations.

A professional tree service can maintain and enhance your landscape trees to they are an asset and not a liability.   Overgrown trees  are both unsightly and potentially dangerous when not well maintained.  Call a tree service company, such as Tampa Tree Service, 6204 Piccadilly Ct #261, Tampa, FL 33614, (813) 445-8602 for more information on tree care.